Future directions

The development of HeatQuiz has just started. We have released the fist play mode „Temperature Profiles“. However, this covers only a very small part of the lecture Heat and Mass Transfer. Our aim is to expand HeatQuiz and to cover more and more teaching content within the next years.

There are many ideas. The following list gives an impression of the features currently under development or planned for the future:

  • Tutorial for the game mode: „Temperature Profiles“
  • Extend game mode to „Concentration Profiles“
  • Game mode „Surface brightness“
  • Game mode „View factors“
  • Game mode „Energy balances“
  • Game mode „Quiz of dimensionless numbers“
  • Game mode „Quiz of dimensional units“
  • Game mode „Knowledge Quiz“

The list is already long and the ideas are manifold. However, we are open to suggestions and critisizm. Please do not hesitat to drop us a message.